Under the need to stand out from its competitors in the pet food sector, we created a new bold and powerful brand. Creating a communication strategy with a hedonistic approach, giving rise to a disruptive brand that breaks with the affectionate positioning and soft aesthetics of the sector.

Creative, graphic designer and content creator. Illustrations by Samu Gambín
⟟ ONMI Design
LAUS Silver_2023_[Corporate Identity Small Business]
ADCE Silver_2023_[Design Corporate Brand Identity]

Credits for the music video "Me Gusta Tu Flow" by Arcángel, directed by El Cielo.

Graphic designer

A firm integrated by three photographers and directors: Miriam Manuel, David Torres and Alma Zamora.

Creative director and graphic designer
⟟ La Perra Gorda

Everything happens around the table, finding yourself in the middle of endless conversations, taking part in tender gestures and filling the dishes with fascinating stories, that is the essence of PURLOM, tradition and community brought together through flavor.

Graphic designer, art director and table setting
⟟ ONMI Design

3D animation title, credits for the music video "My Love" by De La Ghetto X Quevedo and vinyls for motorcycle.

Creative and graphic designer
⟟ La Perra Gorda